Ibiza Hair Brush B7

Ibiza Hair Brush B7

The bristles on the B series is ideal for fine curly hair and color-treated hair (great for blondes too). Blonde boar bristles are reinforced with white nylon that's .
Amazon.com : Ibiza Hair B Series Brush, B7 by Ibiza Hair : Beauty.
Ibiza Hair. Purveyors of fine brushes and styling tools. B7. give more shine than the black bristles, just a little, but a little goes a long way in the world of hair.
White boar bristles reinforced with nylon are extremely gentle on the hair, while the cork handle. Ibiza Hair B7 Extra Long Hairbrush with white boar bristles.
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Ibiza, Y.S. Park, Sanbi, and Shoji round brushes are the highest quality hand made brushes made for professional. Ibiza Hair B7 – 65mm, Large Hybrid New.


  1. marjorie gruber

    Please help me find a red big theeth comb wth a long handle that my mother gave me to comb my hair when i was younger and my hair was long and thick .I am a black woman.Thank u.


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